Levitation by Electromagnetism and Superconductivity

Have you ever dreamt of levitating or having things levitate around you? Although not exactly levitating, superconductivity brings us very close to it. Superconductivity is a phenomenon displayed by certain conductors that demonstrate no resistance to the flow of an electric current. Superconductors also exhibit strong diamagnetism; that is, they are repelled by magnetic fields.

The small cylindrical  magnet in the video floats above a high temperature superconductor. The vapor is from evaporating liquid nitrogen, which takes  heat and keeps the superconductor in a zero-resistance state. As the magnet is lowered toward the superconductor, it induces an electric current, which creates an opposing magnetic field in accordance with Ampere’s law. Because the superconductor has no electrical resistance, this induced current continues to flow, keeping the magnet suspended indefinitely. This levitation has been existent since the 1980s, and is used in cable trains due to its loss energy loss.

Some rumors go round that this mechanism my be employed in the making of levitating building in future; like in the Jetsons. This concept has already been used in making wireless levitating light bulb for exotic interior design, as the balance in electric and magnetic field can be used to induce a current in the but and light it. (A more elaborate  and interesting explanation is given in this video)

.: SOS Science Club MMXI :.

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